G. Sanchez-Hagedorn: President/Owner:

As the daughter of migrant farm workers, it is not surprising that fate would lead me to a place where an appreciation of their hard work was evident every day.  Our vines are nurtured and cared for in the traditional ways of my parents, and the high quality fruit is the result.  Our wine is made in limited quantities and hand crafted by our exceptional winemaker.


Nathan Vader:  Winemaker

Nathan, our exceptional winemaker grew up in a large ranching family in Colorado, and moved to Calaveras in his teens.  Starting out as a “Cellar Rat” at a local winery and working construction during the day, he soon discovered that he was a natural when it came to making wine.

Educated at UC Davis, Nathan is a passionate winemaker, who follows the natural energy of the fruit itself, and is able to craft some of the finest wines in the Sierra Foothills.  He now gets to spend his life doing what he loves: making excellent wine.